A friend of mine, Jaap Kaiser, shares the same passion with me for music, guitars, wood and of course guitar playing as well. Also, we both have an original 70’s Martin D35, so there’s a lot in common.

In 2005 Jaap started with building a miniature D35. This turned out to be so spectacular that I felt I had to share it with other people as well.

Since the different steps in creating the miniature D35 are very interesting to watch (there are a lot of details inside the guitar that you can no longer see when it was finished) I decided to present the whole project in parts.

I am sure that you will enjoy it and be astonished just like I am! 

(by Jan van Veen aka Boomklever)

P.S.: when I gathered all text and pictures for this website I noticed that the first picture presented here had the file name “PICT1833.JPG”. This name was generated automatically by the camera. Well, isn’t that a coincidence???

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