The Soundboard

Naturally, the original wood types should be used for a faithful reproduction. For the top I used Engleman spruce, a leftover from my first guitar. It has a very fine grain which is really needed for a scaled down model. When the grain is too wide it is impossible to make, for instance, the inlay around the soundhole:

I first cut a 4 mm thin peace of wood for the top into itís rough shape, then cut it into two peaces of 1.4 mm, and then sandpapered both to 0.8 mm! Finally I glued both parts together to obtain a bookmatched top:

To make the soundhole circles I had to make special equipment myself, a circle cutter:

It appeared impossible to cut three circles around the soundhole, since the grain went down at these very small thickness. So I limited to only two circles:

The circles are 0.5 mm deep, just like the width. I inlaid them with white and black plastic (glued into place) and sandpapered after drying:

The bracing (X bracing of course) was cut and glued to the reverse side to give sufficient strength to the top: