Martin Museum

Only two copies exist of Jaap's miniature Martin D-35, one owned by Jaap himself of course, the other was given to me. We both had the idea that such a miniature model should actually be in the Martin Guitar Museum in Nazareth, PA. Making a third copy was originally the plan.

The past couple of years I have had great times with Jaap's miniature D-35 and it brought me into contact with a lot of people. However, I still had the feeling that it would be nice if more people could see it. I also had some worries what would happen with it in the future. And so came the idea of donating my copy to the Martin Guitar Museum. When I went to join the celebration of the 175th Anniversary of C.F. Martin at Nazareth, PA, I still wasn't sure if I would donate it or not. It is of course a cute little thing and holding it in your own hands is quite an experience. But after seeing the magnificent museum at Nazareth it was obvious that the miniature Martin belonged there...

I first had decided to give my new book on the miniature Martin to Chris Martin, as a present for the Anniversary:

Later, after having it shown to several people from the internet forum UMGF I saw Dick Boak sitting just next to the entrance of the lobby (outside). I walked to him and we got started talking about Jaap's miniature model. I asked him if he remembered the article in the Sounding Board and he replied 'Yes, of course'. I asked him if he remembered the last sentence and he said 'it should be in the museum'. Actually the last sentence was 'well, we shall see' I said. And told him that I had decided to donate the little guitar to the museum and explained why.
Dick was clearly very thrilled about it and was very proud to have it in the museum! Actually, it is Jaap and myself who are very proud that Martin wants to put it on display in the museum!
Then Dick suggested some kind of 'compensation' for the gift, which I found very generous! He proposed a real D-35 in return for the miniature D-35! Since I already have a (very nice) D-35 I told him I was actually looking at some other instruments and finally I used the value of the D-35 to contribute in the payment for a beautiful OM-28M Rosanne Cash. Dick personally arranged the Rosanne Cash for me (which had been found for me earlier by Mike, thanks for that Mike!). He also decided to buy the last four copies of my book!

After having handed over Jaap's little guitar Dick went straight to the museum to choose a good place for it. It is right next to Willie Nelson's signature N-20 and it has got a beautiful spot there. So don't miss it when you are near Nazareth and go visit the museum!

A funny thing happened while I was waiting in the museum for Dick Boak to arrange a few things: when a visitor passed I told him that he was the first visitor who actually sees the miniature D-35 at the museum. He was quite surprised and asked his wife to come and have a look too. Later, his wife asked me if she could buy a copy of the book and so I did. She even asked me to autograph it!

So now one of Jaap's miniature Martin D-35's (Jaap has the other one) is finally at the museum and I have a very good feeling about it. This is where it belongs...