The idea to build a premium miniature size Martin guitar was born after seeing some other miniature guitars, often looking ugly, with details not in the proper ratio and with a very simple finish. “Well, this could be done a lot better” is what I thought. I had some experience in building ‘normal’ guitars (I made two so far, a third one is in progress), so I am familiar with the many facets that are important in building an instrument.

One of the most important things is to have patience! But you will also need sufficient technical skills (and thus own the appropriate equipment), and have knowledge of materials. If you lack any of these, it will be difficult to succeed.

From the menu (left) you can select the different stages in the building project. As you will see, building a miniature guitar involves the same effort as for a real guitar. Perhaps even more, since it required many tools to be built myself…

Have fun!