Below you will see some spectacular pictures from the different building stages. They were made just for fun, hope you will like them!


The MiniMartin as an assembly kit on the floor:

To have an idea of how small the MiniMartin is, here I placed the unfinished 'body' on top of another project of mine:

The sounding box during the smoothing stage:

I have a wrapping of Remy Martin in my workshop to store some things in. All of a sudden we recognized 'My Martin' in the bottle print of Remy Martin. So we thought it would make fun to have a picture with the MiniMartins still in progress and that 'MY MARTIN' thing in the background. Great picture...

The same idea, different composition:


Nice shot showing the bound body. If you look at the grain you realize that it is a small thing, otherwise you would think it is a real guitar:


The 'twins', once again with 'My Martin':


A shot from top to bottom:


Another detail shot showing the fine binding and three-piece back (and there is also a heel cap):

The unfinished soundbox next to the original chair leg from which it was made:

During the project the MiniMartin starts looking like a real guitar, therefore I made this picture with a tuner to show that it is really a scaled model:

The finished necks:

This was one of the most difficult things to overcome: the tuners. Here is one tuner I made on top of an original tuner. That will make you think...


The bridge with bridge pins and nut. The match gives you an idea of how small the pins are. And yes, these pins will actually keep the strings in place using a little string ball:


The finished MiniMartin D35:


Some additional pictures, a few months later, when the top has gotten a nice aged color: